A downloadable Konran:Zanki - GATE01 for Windows

Konran;Zanki is  a Sci-fi, Mystery Visual Novel developed by WistieCutie and the Fujitsuki team using the Rpg Maker VX Ace engine. 

💠Last updated : March 2021 (1.1.6)

💠As of now, this project has been discontinued as we are focusing our attention on Fujitsuki’s upcoming project « Rakuen:E ».

💠Warning : This game is not a « Danganronpa » fangame. This project has been developed by a non-native English speaker.  The full game is still in beta. 



Fujita Anju finds herself trapped inside an unfamiliar location alongside a small group of unfamiliar faces.
As their memory loss, as well as the ominous situation, seems to indicate that 
something wrong is going on, a weird cubic creature named Dokuroku appears 
with the intention of hacking into their Prisms, a daily-use microchip implanted in the ear at birth, in order to intrude their memories and retrieve a key element that has been lost in a foggy past and might  change the world for the worst.


💠The game includes :

  • Japanese voice acting
  • A colorful cast of characters 
  • ~9 to 10 hours of gameplay
  • Around 20 Facesets for each character
  • Atmospheric background soundtracks
  • 2.5D visuals mixing 2D sprites and 3D background
  • A few minigames 
  • A handful of fully drawn CGs
  • Interlude events to learn more about your favorite character(s)



(Thank you so much for your generous donations and your consideration towards our work. The Wisteria Moon will keep on beaming its gentle light upon your dreamy nights 🌙.)

  • Gandolf
  • EJ G
  • Anyone who kindly donated or purchased our game. 


Updated 23 days ago
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(19 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRPG Maker
TagsAnime, Atmospheric, konran-zanki, Mystery, Point & Click, RPG Maker, Sci-fi, Story Rich, Survival Horror


Konran;Zanki (1.1.6).exe 1 GB
Konran;Zanki - HALLOWEEN 2019 SPECIAL (1.1.0) 484 MB

Install instructions

To download and play the game

  1. Download the game file (either the actual game or the Halloween Special)
  2. Go into your download folder.
  3. Open the downloaded compressed file
  4. Let it fully extract the entirety of the files' content (your anti-virus may analyze the file, it's totally normal though.)
  5. You can now play the game :)

To update your game file (only works from the 1.0.0 update and after) 

  1. Download the new updated game file
  2. Open the downloaded file and fully extract it
  3. Go to your outdated game folder
  4. Copy your save file
  5. Go to the update game folder
  6. Past the save file in that folder

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is it still playable? like, is there and ending?

Yes, there is an ending with a minor cliffhanger, but the game still works as a stand-alone.

Ugh why do they always disontinue this games ahhhh

sorrryyyyy :(

You can try our other project though.

I'm interested to play it, this looks like a quality death game/escape room puzzle. I'm glad for a trend that games like Zero Escape/Danganronpa have spawned.

Thank you very much for leaving such a nice message Yu6e1!

I really hope you’ll have an enjoyable moment playing Konran:Zanki!

Hey, creator, I can not load my save file: everytime I go hit enter, space bar or try to click on the load button I get a denying noise and the game will not load my save file

hello GamerMan, thank you for reaching out to me about this issue.

The only possibility  I can think of is that the save files have been corrupted.

Have you encountered any recent crashing with your computer or with the game?

No I have not. I save the game and then I stopped playing for a few days

i’m sorry to hear about that, 

there’s a chance that the save files maybe have been corrupted, which I hope is not the case, but sadly, there is no other option that I can offer as this issue entirely relies on the RPG Maker engine.

If you wish to show some video proofs of this issue, you can send it to us on our mail address for me to review it and see if this is truly a case of file corruption or something else.

(As a side note, there is no auto save system, you have to save manually.)


I just finished playing through the game and I wanted to thank you for making it. The story was great and emotional and I was attached to pretty much all of the characters. Takatsugu, Yuzuki and Iroha were my favorites personally, but they were all great in their own ways. Also the fact that this was made in a second language is super impressive, I'm barely able to speak one language lol. Honestly incredible work, good luck on your future projects!

(Side note: one of Amane's sprites (her neutral one I think?) has some writing along the top of the screen that I'm pretty sure isn't supposed to be there. I'm sure you're already aware of this but I thought I'd point it out just in case)

(1 edit)

WE thank you for your heart-warming feedback !

We are more than happy to hear you had a great experience and I personally thank you for being so encouraging about the whole second language obstacle. I really hope this didn’t entirely ruin your reading experience.

As for Amane’s sprite bug, I had the intention of fixing it but I kept forgetting about it and since I factory reset my computer, I will need to reinstall the engine first before uploading a future update with this issue fixed, thank you for reminding me about it ! :)

Overall, thank you very much for dropping by with so much positivity to share !

it wont let me go in full screen

(1 edit)

hello Muffinz, have you tried hitting alt+enter, it’s usually how rpg maker toggles into full screen mode.


Playing this game from start to finish has been a wild ride. I love it. I became so attached to one character and it played with my feelings. It's amazing how you are able to make it in English even though it is not your first language. Great job!

Thank you for your feedback BackgroundN0ise ! It’s very much appreciated :) !

I hope you had a smooth experience and had fun playing it, it’s good to hear you were able to create a bond with the characters as this was one of my primary focus.

Also thank you very much for the encouraging words, I work daily to improve my english but I hope the countless typos I probably didn’t notice didn’t ruin your reading experience ! 

Thank you again and have a pleasant day !

Every time I try to download the game it says we have canceled the download because this file may harm your computer 

(1 edit)

hello Unicorn !

This usually happens because your antivirus doesn’t know the source of the file so it believes it may be a threat and straight ip stops its the file extraction/download.

.I suggest temporarily disabling your antivirus while your browser is downloading the file and while it’s extracting its content.

Hope that helps, have a nice day !


I just finished this game, and oh my god, I loved it. I cried at least 5 times, (I'm emotional okay), and I loved the characters, the plot, the story. Wow. I wasn't expecting a lot of the deaths, and they hit me hard when they happened. I hope there will be a sequel. 

(Spoilers Ahead)

(You have been warned)

Iroha was amazing and I saw so much of myself in her. Her death literally made me so sad. I cried for half an hour.

I really didn't like Ururaka, until he started bonding with Chloe. I spent some free time with him, and I started to love him. When he died, it felt like a bus hit me. 

I really didn't expect Anju to die, especially like that. Curse you Sasahara! I understand why he did it, but it still hurt. 

Yuzuki, I didn't originally care for, but after her clever scheme with the TV, I grew fond of her. She deserved better. 

I really love Takatsugui, Chloe, and Amane, they were great characters, and I'm so happy they survived.

Hanbee wasn't my favorite, but he did have a good character and he was respectable, so props to him. 

Mizuki's reaction to Anju literally killed me. I cried.

Chloe and Ururaka's relationship was so touching, and I really wanted them to stay together longer. 

Again, I loved this game and it was amazing. If I had the money, I would give some.

(1 edit)

Thanks for the spoilers warning, considering out of the characters for KZ. 

Iroha seem to be one who is a lot more favorable based on polls. 

Considering my friend WistieCutie have put a lot time and effort, i am happy you enjoy the game. 

I hope that certain track plays at the end of the game made you emotional. (Me and my buddy composed it haha.)

How ever, which character you wish to see to have a lot more background and backstory?

Overall this is for a discussion.

(1 edit)

Hello Enti !

Your feedback was received very warmly !

We’re extremely delighted to hear you enjoyed the game that much, even though we’re sorry if we put you in a state of sadness. Haha.

Thank you very, very much for the encouraging words ! This will surely put a smile on the developer’s face !

Have a great day :) !✨

hello, loved the game. I was just wondering how you can open the section that shows you the music in the game. 

(1 edit)

Hello Lemonytwist !

Thank you for the kind feedback !

You can access the picture gallery and music box by pressing the S button. However though, only official soundtracks specifically composed for the game are included..

Have a fun experience :).


hello, I am really enjoying the game so far but I seem to not be able to put it in full screen to be able to play is there any way to make the game full screen.


Hello Animelover, thank you playing the game !

You can access the full screen by pressing enter+Alt.

Have fun ✨

Okay thank you 

How do you save? Is there a way to save the game?

Nevermind, I figured it out lol

(1 edit)

Glad we were helpful haha.

If you have any other question don’t hesitate to ask, hope we’ll be fast enough to help you this time, have a thrilling experience Seila ✨ !


Hello dev, I don't know if I am the only one to experience these inconveniences but the game is really laggy for me, also it constantly crashes after some time playing it, it doesn't crash at specific moments, it just crashes after playing it for some time, like it doesn't want me to play for long.

Honestly, I am amazed at what you managed to make with RPG Maker because your game is far from being what is intended to be made with RPGM however I do wonder if it is wise to use a software to make something so far from the intended use as RPGM is designed for top-down RPGs and what you have made is a first person point & click, I have the feeling that your project would work much better with Ren'Py for example, I feel this way because my experience playing the game is severely hindered by constant lag and crashes, which makes me wonder if it is because RPGM is not designed for what you made?

Then again, I don't know if I am the only one whose fun is ruined by technical inconveniences or if many players experience the same, did you get any similar feedback already or am I the first to report such?

(1 edit) (-1)

hello Maxime ! I’m the dev of the game and before all, thank you for your decent feedback and for staying extremely respectful and amiable !

I’m gonna respond to you honestly, without any « persona » and really as the humble dev that I am, I have no real experience in game-making, I’m just a little someone who spent their life enjoying creating stories and characters and found rpg maker as a decent and easy-to-use medium to develop my story into something people can enjoy, I am frankly sorry you couldn’t enjoy the game because of the numerous issues, I do what I can to fix that and I hope I’ll be able to fix the lag and random crash, I do believe rpg maker ace is a rather unstable engine but I also admit that I was a bit too ambitious with this engine.

I know that some people seem to be able to experience the game correctly while some others cannot, do you have a good ram ? I know that I tested  the game on my very.... crappy computer numerous times and I haven’t encountered too many experience-breaking lags or crashes (beside some script issues or plugin problems) so it’s a bit hard estimating how fickle or frail the game is.

I feel quite bad that your experience was that bad, moreso since I’ve put a lot of faith into this project, but I’ll ty to find a way to fix it so that, in the future, you’ll be able to play the game correctly at long last.

I’ll also base my future creations on what went right and wrong with the project so that I can, hopefully, do better with what I feel the most comfortable with.

Have a good day Maxime and thank you again for your comment !

(2 edits) (+1)(-1)

Hello Polar Moon,

Well, as I said, the engine RPG Maker is designed for 2D top down RPGs and you used it for a first person point & click so I think the issue is not that you are too ambitious but rather than you use the wrong tools to achieve your goals. I suggested you to use the engine Ren'Py, do you know this engine at all? It is designed for visual novels, which is why it came to my mind while playing your game because I believe that it would be the perfect engine to run your game.

Oh I can assure you that my PC is powerful enough to support RPG Maker, it was built for hardcore gaming and I did check the resources consumption while the game was running and my PC barely felt your game at all, I mean to say that my PC didn't break a sweat to run your game so nope, the issue is not my RAM nor my CPU nor my SSD, nothing was wrong with my hardware. Moreover you tell me that you tested the game on a crappy PC and it worked fine so it really is not a hardware problem. The game didn't lag nor crash for you? Because for me, it was a pain to play because it lagged all the time and crashed very often. But technical issues were not my biggest pain with this game, my biggest pain was Fujita Anju, I hated being stuck with this bitch all the time, reading her inner thoughts were a torture, I hated her with all my heart and I do confess that I cursed you many times for making me play the least likeable of all your characters.

Why did I hate being Fujita Anju? Because she is a bitch, she is extremely judgemental, her interactions with other characters are 99% judging, looking down and scolding everyone because her life goal is to be the most normal possible (meaning monotonous and boring) and she expects everyone to be as boring as her, she doesn't tolerate any originality, every time someone shows some originality, she judges them, she looks down on them, she scolds them for not being "normal", moreover she spends her time having existential crisis, she can't do anything at all without having an existential crisis, I can't express enough how much of a torture it was for me to read her endless inner monologues, it was not an enjoyable experience to be stuck with her, she is definitely the least likeable of all the characters and I spent the entire game wondering why you chose her to be the playable character when anybody else would have been much more fun to experience, Fujita Anju has completely ruined the game for me, I hated being stuck with her, I would have enjoyed the game much more with another character, she was boring, annoying and a true bitch and I felt relief when she died because I was finally free from being stuck inside a judgemental bitch who has endless inner monologues, that's how I experienced the game.

Deleted 1 year ago
Deleted 1 year ago

Hey, congratulations for the game, I've just finished it and I really enjoyed it. Is there going to be a sequel?

(1 edit)

hello Ardenaid !

Thank you very much for the positive feedback ! It’s very encouraging and we’re glad to hear you enjoyed it !

As for now, besides a very short sequel to give a closure to the ending of the 1st game, we’re rather leaning toward other projects ! :)

Thank you for dropping by.✨

(1 edit)

is there a 32 bit version,


Hello !

According to the website this engine has been bought from, here are the minimum requirements to make it function :

Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista / 7 (32-bit/64-bit)

You should be able to play with the current game file, if not, make sure to recontact us :)

Have a good day !

(1 edit)

thanks, have a good day too :)

(1 edit)

i cant extract the file it wont let me. 

Have you tried temporarily disabling your antivirus ? I know that mine won’t let me extract the game if I don’t disable it or go all the way into the antivirus to allow the file to be fully extracted.

alright, ill try that.

Hello the game looks really good and promising but I couldn't change the display mode to full screen. Any way to fix this ?

Hello Nono, i’ m glad to hear that you enjoy the game !

You can toggle into full window mode by pressing alt+enter.

Thank you for playing the game and have a fun experience ✨!

Okay thank you :)

i want to play but its not letting me download it. where is the link to download the game?

(1 edit)

Hello, the game was being updated.

The game is now available for download again. We hope you'll have a thrilling experience :).

ooh okay thank you! Sorry for not noticing :)

this was made so well im still shook wo

Hello Edein! 

I'm so happy to hear so! 

Thank you very much for taking the time to leave this encouraging message ! 

Have a great day! ✨

I've been playing the early parts of the game and have been enjoying things so far, but the game crashed for me at the end of the second day, and now when I try to load my save data It just makes the error sound as if I tried to load a save with no data. Is there some way to skip the dialogue of the earlier segments to make catching up easier, or some kind of dev save of day 2 you could lend?

Hello  Crealdew. 

It would be very helpful if you could tell me the moment the game crashed exactly so that I can see if there problem is in-game or if it is some random crashing like Rpg maker likes so much. 

As it seems the save file got corrupted, which is pretty surprising as a casual game crash doesn't usually corrupt a save file. I don't have one that takes place during day 2 on me but I'll be asking to some friends if they have one, hopefully I'll be able to send it back to you. 

To play the game in ful screen you need to press alt+enter. 

Sorry for the inconvenience, I hope to fix this asap for you to enjoy the rest of the game! 

I believe the game crashed on the phrase "this place, it looks familiar again". At this time I was trying to pull up the menu using the escape key. I managed to play up to where it crashed so no need to worry about the save. Hope this helps somewhat

Deleted 1 year ago

Hello Crealdew, sorry again for the crashing issue. 

From what I was able to deduce, there's nothing at that part of the game that could make it crash, my take is that the engine randomly crashed. 

Now, however, I am still working on why the save file got corrupted. 

I hope you'll still be able to enjoy the rest of the game if you have the heart to replay and I'm deeply sorry your immersion was ruined. 

Thank you for reporting that and I hope to be able to fix it! 

Hello,one day gonna have the game in portuguese Brazil?:/

Hello~, it's not impossible, moreso since someone suggested translating the game in portuguese but it's not listed in our current plans at the moment. Sorry :/. 

Oh okay thx ;)

Deleted 1 year ago

Hi there, glad you like the game. i advise to avoid mentioning spoilers. 

Thank you for the compliment, i'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the game! Sadly I had to delete your comment to prevent spoilers. 

Thank you again for playing and for your feedback :) ⭐

Hi! Let me introduce myself first! my name is Rance I am a game translator and I would like to translate Zonran; Zanki into Portuguese
I finished playing now and I really liked the game and would like to translate it

Me and Wistie have been talking about putting the game in other languages before. 

Funny enough, right now we are focusing on fixing the typos of the EN version.

I think I'm a psychic 8) hahaha joke aside.

right when translating into Portuguese you can call me that I will translate with pleasure

Hello RanceSama! Thank you for volunteering, that'd be a fantastic idea! 

Like Mikan said, we're currently working on the game and waiting for reports to correct most of the typos and bugs, so that the game can be as clean as possible, I suggest we talk about this together over Discord once the game finally gets rid of its "beta" status :). But once again, it's a good idea and we appreciate the initiative! 

I hope we can talk again about this later, have a nice day ✨


I'm already on the discord server!
My Discord is Rance Guertena Sama#8265

Just to know who I am and that I'm there on the server!

Is it normal that there is only the 2019 halloween file to download or can i somehow get the 1.0.3 file but i don't find it?

(2 edits) (+1)

Hello Maxuser77, usually when the main game file is not online, it's because I'm updating it. It seems like you tried downloading it right when I was uploading it,  but you can now download it if you wish ✨. 

Have a thrilling experience! 

ouh, now that was awesome timing that i had... but thanks for letting me now, I'll gladly reinstall it and i have an good feeling about this game ^^

I am interested in playing this, but before I start, I just wanted to ask why the file name ends in "prism virus"?

(2 edits)

It's the sub-title of the game since the plot involves a technology named "Prism", do not worry, you can safely play it, there's no virus ✨.

Okay, thank you! I just wanted to make sure it was the right file and all. :)

You're welcome! Have fun and enjoy, Superior Ghost! 

I've started my Let's Play series for this today! I'm excited! 

I'm slowly making my way through this game right now and I'm really enjoying the ambience, music, and art!

I was wondering if you were at all looking for any help with future updates to this game?  I'd love to help.

Thank you for enjoying the game! me and my friends did some original music on the project just for our time alone. 

It all in lossless quality via bandcamp and how ever that depends on what assistance you want to give.

I guess I personally would love to help clean up the dialogue! While I understand what's going on, the English is a little awkward and could be made clearer with a few tweaks, I think :) I have no idea what the process would be for such a thing, but I'd easily do it voluntarily to support the project.

Great job on the original music, by the way! I'm not too far in but I'm really enjoying the short chill loop of "Yesterday's Hope About Tomorrow".


Thank you for your appreciation Maltosier! We're really happy to hear that you enjoy our game. 

If you wish to volunteer make sure to join us on Discord and report any bug or typo in the bug-report channel, WistieCutie, the developer will have the pleasure to hear about that and fix it. 

As for the soundtracks, some of them are free to use soundtracks, since we started the game when there was no official music composer, it was complicated to get some original soundwork. However with time, we've had some wonderful people contribute to this game and our community manager, Mikan Tsumikiwi, gathered all the original soundtracks on a band camp album which are also on YouTube. 

As far as I can tell, one of the bonus of the game is a music box that offers you the possibility to listen to the original soundtracks of the game. 

Cheers ✨ :).

Deleted 1 year ago
Deleted 1 year ago
Deleted 1 year ago

on which version of RPG Maker this visual nivel was created? I would like to make a translation into Russian.

(1 edit) (+1)

It's based on VX ace, and that's a very interesting idea indeed! ✨

there seems to be a bug where an audio file is missing, unless its just the end of the demo. the bgm is vertex by ISAo, i love this game though i hope its still in development, i just found it today. 

(1 edit)

Thank you Akira for playing our game and reporting the bug. The file was unintentionally deleted but no worries, you reached the end of the demo! You just missed the credits. I'm sorry you had to encounter that! We'll fix it asap in the next update :), and yes the game is still in development and getting closer to its full completion! 

Have a lovely day! 🌙

Edit :glitch has been fixed 😊

this game is really good! i got attached to many characters!

Thank you very much for sharing your appreciation toward our game ! Don't get too attached though, not everyone is meant to escape Dokuroku's evil grip! 🌛

is this game still going?

Hello Random Echo! 

Of course it does :). 

Dear Elise is currently working on the last in-game day. After that, the full game will go through a beta test process before the beta release is finally launched. 

You can always join us on Discord ( https://discord.gg/E5nxGBq) or follow us on Twitter (@PolarMoon3) to get more updates! 

Keep gazing at the Polar Moon! 🌙

No Japanese text?

Sadly not yet... hopefully, a kind heart may translate it in japanese in the future once the full game is released. :)

(1 edit)

Hey there  it me, i wonder how the redesigns doing? will they ever be revealed or posted somewhere?

Helloooo~ ! It’s doing great ! Still a lot of work to do though ... but I’m still working hard on that !

But once all sprites and CGs have been redrawn, I will reupload the game so that everyone can enjoy it again.  Thanks for asking !

idc for visual novles, just wanted to let you know your art style is fantastic, and perhaps too good to be on just Itchio.

Oh dear ! Thank you so much ! I feel greatly flattered ! I’ll still try to improve it :) ! 

I made the account on itch.io just to tell you guys that I. LOVE. THIS. GAME! The characters are charming, the backgrounds look very good for 3D models, CGs look so cool and it's overall great. If i could i would become a patreon! Keep working on your masterpiece guys! :D

Hello Westerm, it’s so nice of you to take the time and the effort to make an account just to share your appreciation of our game with us !

We’re very grateful and all jolly to hear that someone has enjoyed it that much ! And do not worry, your support is already much appreciated. We hope to hear from you soon enough and on our side, we shall keep on doing our best to make the game up to your expectations !

In the mean time, keep watching at the blissfull Polar Moon ;).

- Dear_Elise.

This is pretty cool. This gives me so much Dangonronpa vibes and for some reason it's a little bit of steins;gate too. Even though I didn't mention it. But still soo far it's pretty cool to play.

(1 edit)

(This gameplay video comes from an older version of Konran:Zanki, many things have been changed or fixed.)

We've been delighted to see your let's play ! We'd be extremely happy to see the rest of it :) !

We've also left a comment on your video and subscribed to you. 

But also we've left you a little note on your video to explain you how some mechanics work and about the new update that you may want to get. (A little glitch has been fixed which might make your game crash if you don't download the 0.2.1, if you have the 0.2.0 version, you may be able to retrieve your save files.)

Have a pleasant day OWCP ! Keep doing the great work and thank you very much ! :)

This was super fun!! the art is amazing and the characters are super cool! Loving the Danganronpa vibes this game gives off

(1 edit)

Thanks lovely being ! We are very glad you’ve enjoyed it !

Thanks again for dropping by and letting us what you think about our game :)

Have a nice day !

I love this game so far! The characters all seem very sweet, and I know just how much I'm gonna hate seeing them all killed off. Is there any place I can access the sprites, because I wanted to make icons and aesthetics out of them!

Thank you very much Lynn ! We really appreciate your feedback ! We will try to upload a couple of each character's sprites somewhere (any specific character sprite preference?), I'll provide you a link once it will be done. 

Hello Lynn, sorry for the lateness of our response, but here are the sprites : 


Please, don't forget to credit us and let us see about your arts, we'd be happy to see it :) !

Have a nice day.

Why does the download have 'Prism Virus' in the name? Won't that confuse people and make them think it has a virus?

Deleted 4 years ago
(1 edit)

Hello VNcat

Prism Virus is the sub name related to the specific storyline of this game.


I realize this now and feel really stupid. 

(1 edit)

oh dear, don't ! It's ok.